another universe for us

I would like to imagine a parallel universe for us. One where you tell me you love me before I fall for the guy from the neighbouring class or the one I met on my trip to the mountains.

where you tell me about all the days you dreamt of us sitting on the swing, holding hands and looking up at the shadow patterns of the leaves.

where you tell me you want to care for my heart, before I spend my days crying over men who don’t deserve it.

where we could lay on the old wooden bed and watch the rain from the window

where you caress the tangled strands of my hair and always fill my heart fill full…

and I think, I would have listened.

I would have never gone to faraway places looking for a soul that will stay.

I wish I knew it was here, all along.

Only if I knew how you craved for the smallest of my pieces, I would have been yours, complete and whole.

I would have been a home for all your fears and cheers, because I knew you’d never shatter it.

I would like to imagine a parallel universe, full of possibilities and hopes and dreams; a world where I am a little less broken and you, a little less lost;

a world where you and I are driving on a country road on a summer afternoon wearing nothing but loose shirts and sunglasses, stale cigarette butts lying on the back seat as ‘Upward Over The Mountain’ by Iron and Wine plays on the radio.

I would like to imagine..

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