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*7.00 pm* missed my ‘four blogs a month’ target yet again.

I went on my first shoot. Actual set, film camera, lights, a director, a monitor, DoP and yes, actors too. It was surreal. It was all about sound rolling, camera rolling and action!

I’ve been doing a lot of content management and the brand I work for is in the process of making brand films. Being my first major project since I joined here, I took it up enthusiastically but mostly because it involved a fun process of scripts, auditions, shoots and well, managing stuff!

My favorite job so far has to be this one. There are no restrictions, no limitations and good money. I had had a feeling of being out of place some time back but some events just made me realize that I am where I am supposed to be. Although I’d like it more to be working at a creative agency or under a production house, I have realized that whatever I am doing right now is shaping me into something that I am destined to be. I’m positive, and happy and I like it. I am bonding well with my new colleagues and my boss has given me the title of Content Lead in just two months (not like there’s anyone else for content, but it still is a great feeling), so that’s some kind of progress.

I also went on a roadtrip to a beach in Kokan (western Maharashtra) with my friends on the weekend. It was quite relaxing and also got me excited to plan my big trip in November. I AM SO EXCITED I CAN’T STOP SHOUTING INTERNALLY!!!

Moving on, I watched the movie Article 15 yesterday. It started with Bob Dylan’s Blowing In The Wind and I was hooked. “How many times can a man turn his head And pretend that he doesn’t see” he sings as the movie explodes the questions that make you uncomfortable and restless in your seat. It exposes the deep rooted caste system of our country, a system we all have been a part of, a system that has killed thousands if not more and suppressed each one of us in some way. This movie beautifully (or shall I say quite sadly) captures what this divide has done to us for generations. The balance between what is and what needs to be, is captured quite aptly. It doesn’t present us with a happy ending where all is right and the world is good again and yet gives us a closure on the story. But, more importantly, it stirs a question. A question that we should all be thinking about and acting upon – in day-to-day lives. A must-watch, but more than that, it is a movie that inspires a thought, a conversation, a change.

Apart from all of this, there is one awful incident I want to share. Over the last week, a stray dog near my office who we used to feed and play with everyday suffered from some internal injury leading to a sense-less spine and weak limbs, which made him unable to get up and walk. We found him in an extremely poor condition and started calling ambulance, NGOs and various animal care organizations for help. After making over 83 calls (and that is not a random number) we didn’t get anyone to help us help him. We kept getting numbers of who could help. Round and round we ended up calling the first person again! Frustrated with the incompetence of the animal-care NGOs, and their silly excuses (that they are full for the day), we finally put him in my boss’ car and took to the Vet. He was given an injection and we were told to get an X-ray and admit him as soon as possible. While there are hardly any animal hospitals in Mumbai, the ones that are, only take admissions in the day-time – another foolish rule. We had to make the poor chap wait for one whole night before we could get him proper care. Sadly, despite taking the X-ray and starting him on medication, our dog caught an infection and couldn’t survive it. It was the most disturbing event and I wish I could put into words the sick feeling we all had in our stomach.

The irony is, last year, the Uttarakhand High Court accorded the status of “legal person or entity” to animals. In fact, just a couple of days ago, Punjab and Haryana High Court also gave out a judgement that animals and birds have legal rights, just like humans. These are great decisions, of course, but it will take decades if not centuries before animals (especially strays) get the kind of healthcare that humans do. It felt horrible to hear all the silly responses of NGOs and hospitals when we called them up for assistance. Where are these guys when we need them? It only made my belief stronger that animal NGOs (even human, on some level) are nothing but a money making scheme. If they are not, I would really like to see what change (if any) they have bought to the lives of stray animals.

I hope this post triggers a thought about issues that are plaguing us. I hope it starts a conversation inside your own head if not with each other. That’s all I want.

Cover image credits: Sonia Rentsch

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