We are that feeling

You are some one I can write poetry about even when I don’t know how to.

You are not just a perfect muse; you are what a ‘dream-come-true’ looks like.


I sit across the hall and watch you through the glass partition,

I’m fascinated by the collar of your shirt which ends exactly below the tiny black mark on your neck

It reminds me of the day I first placed my lips on it,

and the way you shivered, till the root of your spine.

It reminds me of how you turned into a beast when we first made love,

and ripped apart all the chains that had been binding me.

And I lay there, overwhelmed with passion

After all, we were just discovering the art of it.


It is magical how my skin has started to smell like you,

I feel like I wear you everyday; at work, at the library or at the coffee shop I frequent.

Ever since the day you whispered your love in my ears, I seem to have shifted to a planet that is named after you.


I can never forget the torn mattress in your apartment, which we spent hours on,

the huge banyan tree on the street, under which you held my hand for the first time,

the vintage bike we rode on, on starless nights,

or the old building in the dark alley, where you kissed my lips like they were the only thing in the universe you wanted to taste.


When you ask me why I love you, I will tell you about

…the night we talked about our lives, people and similarities;

…the evening you walked the city streets for hours, just to find a tablet that could fix my disease;

…the afternoon we got out of the long shower and you cooked us a meal;

…the morning you curled up around me and kissed my shoulder

and countless such moments when I felt the magic.


You make me feel like I’m floating on a river and looking up at the blue boundless sky

You are a calm in the middle of every storm my life has seen and been.


In the chaos, I love how we’ve built a secret world, and a truly beautiful one at that.

We are like two bubbles floating over the superficial lives of everyone we know,

a reality amongst the lies, and a lie between what seems real.

We are the wide river I float on,

the boundless sky I look at

and the thoughtless calm I feel.

We are something I never want to let go.

We are THAT feeling.

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