About Me

Hey there! welcome to my blog. You know what, I have always dreaded writing the “about me” section. It is a skill. No really. To write a perfect bio, you need to know what exactly to exaggerate about yourself and not make it boring. I think my entire writing career is going to be a learning to accomplish writing a perfect bio one day.

But for now let’s settle with this – I am Nikita, no nicknames. My friends usually call me Zankar which is my surname and also a homophone of the river Zanskar flowing through the Himalayas. Although I’ve tried explaining them millions of times that that’s not how its pronounced.

Moving on.

I have completed my Masters in Geology but from a young age I have been forming stories in my head, scribbling them in my diary and reading a lot of novels. It led me to believe that I could be a writer. So I decided to pursue a career in writing. I have worked as a Content Writer for three diverse startups. From Advertising, Venture Capital, Renewable, Design to E-commerce and Retail, it has been all Work Work Work! Give it a read.

This blog, however, is for my personal storytelling.

I write weekly posts on what I’ve been up to, books that have caught my interest, sometimes I try my hand at amateur poetry, or even dive into my travel experiences.

What I most love to write is short fiction. I have posted all those stories under the section Quick Fiction Check it out!

I didn’t have the guts to post my writing publicly for the longest time. I don’t think I felt confident about it. Even now I have days when I feel I am cheating everyone, lying that I am writer, when I am really not so good. But hey, at least I’m doing it publicly. So we’re one step ahead. And I think its ok to have self-doubt, it keeps me grounded.

Apart from all that, I believe that I am a good listener and often offer helpful advice to all my friends about anything in the world. And, if isn’t obvious already, I love to talk and share – therefore, this blog.

I write with a hope that wherever you are, it will bring a smile on your face and help you realize that you are not alone. No matter what you’re going through, there is always someone who has either gone through the same thing or will go through it sometime in the future. Basically, we’re all in it together. So you know what, ping me and we’ll discuss this in detail. Or you can start reading some of my weekly posts right away. I’d actually love that.

And yeah, here’s how I look. Obviously, I selected some better looking pictures from three of my most memorable trips. Teehee 😀