Hello. Welcome to the most edited page ever. About me. Bio. Profile – call it whatever you like, I hate writing it. I think my entire writing career is going to be about learning how to write a good bio.

But for now let’s settle with this – I am Nikita.

Niki for some and Zank/Zanku/Zankar for others.

I hold a degree in Geology but writing was my true calling. I realised it after my post graduation when I was faced with the existential dread of ‘what next?’ I realised I was better at day-dreaming and narrating than looking at slides through a microscope to identify rocks.

As a kid, I enjoyed writing about my day in my diary and long letters to friends and family for every occasion. Many more instances of scribbling ideas, penning down thoughts and typing away anecdotes later, I decided I wanted to do it full time. So I took up writing professionally and worked for three years as a Content Writer in Advertising, Venture Capital, Renewable Energy, E-commerce and Retail. It was a fun ride but it left me creatively unsatisfied. I decided to give myself a year and pursue MA in Creative Writing. I moved countries for it. India – UK. It is ongoing.

On this blog, I write weekly posts about what I’ve been up to or books that have caught my interest. I also post fiction pieces and some amateur poetry. I love to travel, the wildlife enthusiast and geologist in me doesn’t rest unless I step out in the wild every few days. I try to note down my travel experiences here too.

And that’s all I guess. Here some pictures of me 🙂

Welcome again to my blog, hope you feel at home and have a good time reading my thoughts.

You can connect with me here, give feedback, share advice or send me a cool piece you’ve come across. I’d love to get to know you and just geek out over stuff 🙂

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