About Me

Hey there! welcome to my blog.

Ok, so I have always dreaded writing the “about me” section. It is a skill. No, really! To write a perfect bio, you need to know what exactly to exaggerate about yourself and what to tone down. It is also important to know how to not make it sound pompous and boring. I think my entire writing career is going to be about learning to write a perfect bio one day.

But for now let’s settle with this – I am Nikita, Niki for some, Zanks/Zanku/Zankar for others.

Zankar, the surname I carry is also a homophone of the river Zanskar flowing through the Himalayas. It bears no relevance to my ancestry. So that’s settled.

Moving on.

Academic stuff: I have done Masters in Geology but it doesn’t come naturally to me. Since I can remember, I’ve mostly been a day dreamer. I was that kid in the class who’d happily gaze out out classroom window and observe crows or men working in workshops and imagine their stories.

I would also write a personal diary (I still do), form stories in my head, scribble them on pages or type them away on Microsoft Word. And oh! I’d read, a lot. I loved the Hardy Boys stories, the Nancy Drew ones and Twilight (..coughs..not guilty). It led me to believe that I could write stories too. I could be a writer. And yet it took me a long time to decide to seriously be one.

After college, I tried to start a career in writing without any background or training. Just dived in blind folded and worked as a Content Writer for three diverse startups. From Advertising, Venture Capital, Renewable Energy to E-commerce and Retail, I spent three years doing Work Work Work!

This blog, however, is for my personal storytelling.

I write weekly posts on what I’ve been up to, books that may have caught my interest, try my luck at some amateur poetry, or pen down my travel experiences.

What I most love to write is short fiction. I have posted all those stories under the category Quick Fiction Check it out!

I didn’t have the guts to post my writing publicly for the longest time. I don’t think I felt confident about it. Even now I have days when I feel like I am cheating everyone, and lying to myself that I can write. So I would appreciate all and any encouragement you can give me by commenting on any of my posts if they strike a chord with you somehow. Even a simple like would bring a smile to my face.

I’ll like to end this 156th attempt at bio-writing with a little bit more about myself, if it isn’t enough already. So I believe, or like my friends tell me, I am a good listener and capable of offering helpful advice about anything in the world. And, if isn’t obvious already, I love to talk and share – therefore, the blog.

So welcome again to my blog , hope you feel at home. I hope my thoughts help you a little to forget worries and know that you’re not alone. You can start with reading some of my weekly posts right away.

And.. here’s me! Take a look at these postcard photos from three of my most memorable trips.

You can connect with me to send any feedback, advice or simply a Hi! See you around.