About Me

Hello. Welcome to the most edited page ever. About me. Bio. Profile – call it whatever you like. I hate writing it.

Writing a bio has always been a challenge. It is a skill. No, really. To write a perfect bio, you need to know what exactly to exaggerate about yourself and what to tone down. Not make it sound pompous or boring but how to keep it short and fun. Too much pressure. I think my entire writing career is going to be about learning to write a good bio.

But for now let’s settle with this – I am Nikita, Niki for some and Zank/Zanku/Zankar for others.

Moving on.

Academically, I hold a Masters of Science degree in Geology. But, I’ve been inclined towards creative writing since a young age. I would write long letters to friends and family even when a simple greeting card would’ve worked, I would day dream, form scenarios and stories in my head, scribble them on pages or type them away on Microsoft Word. It made me believe that I could write. Or rather, I wanted to write.

So after college, I tried my hand at writing professionally and worked for three years as a Content Writer. From Advertising, Venture Capital, Renewable Energy, E-commerce and Retail, I’ve done it all. Some of my work articles can be found here- Work Work Work!

This blog, however, is for my personal storytelling.

I write weekly posts on what I’ve been up to, books that have caught my interest, some amateur poetry and my travel experiences.

What I most enjoy writing is short fiction. I have posted my short stories under the category Quick Fiction Check it out!

I didn’t have the guts to post my writing publicly for the longest time. I think I didn’t feel confident about it. Even now I have days when I feel like I am cheating everyone, and lying to myself that I can write. So I would appreciate all and any encouragement you can give me by liking or commenting on any post if it strikes a chord with you somehow.

I’d like to end the 156th attempt at bio-writing with some of my fav pictures.

So welcome again to my blog, hope you feel at home and have a good time reading my thoughts.

You can connect with me here to give feedback, share advice or send me your work. I’d love to get to know you 🙂