Start-up Story: BabyChakra

A man from a small town in Madhya Pradesh asked BabyChakra to help him find a fertility clinic. BabyChakra sent him some recommendations. Last week, a year after his initial message, he shared a picture of two baby girls thanking BabyChakra. He now has a family he thought he would never have. This is just … Continue reading Start-up Story: BabyChakra

keeping it short, Jan 2019

*11.40pm* extremely sleepy but forcing myself to write this because I really want to be regular at my blog. Just when I had decided to take my writing seriously and be regular at blogging, I am about to fail. It is the mid of the first month of the year and I haven't written anything. … Continue reading keeping it short, Jan 2019

what plans for the new year?

It is the end of 2018. I mean..just another night to step into the new year? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? MAKE IT STOP, somebody!! But anyway, it is time to make new resolutions and give it another try. Honestly, it is just a bullshit belief system (in which I wish I didn't believe). But. I … Continue reading what plans for the new year?

looking back at 2018, a year full of lessons

*5 am* nights are getting quite chilly here in Mumbai...and my cold is back! ___ I read a quote on Instagram yesterday which was related to on a deeper level. It goes - “It is so disturbing to think back & realize the stuff you allowed people to do to you simply because you didn't … Continue reading looking back at 2018, a year full of lessons

Start-up Story: Coutloot

Artha India Ventures’ portfolio company Coutloot recently raised $1 million in a new round of funding that was led by the investment arm of Chinese unicorn CashBUS. The round also saw participation from existing investors, Artha India Ventures and Venture Catalysts. About Coutloot: Coutloot is a Mumbai-based social Consumer-to-consumer tech platform where users can buy … Continue reading Start-up Story: Coutloot

Diwali, 2018

of scrumptious street-food, a perfect companion...and more


Me, a hopeless romantic dreaming of great love...

You, a nomad caught in the tangles of life

friend indeed

" dropping some truth bombs today, *12.24 pm* Is it normal to break-up with a friend you've known for many years just because you don't enjoy their company anymore? I've been confused. I've been feeling upset and unsettled over the recent surge of feelings I've developed about someone I've known for almost my entire life. … Continue reading friend indeed

Raising funds from a family office

A family office is often a private company that manages wealth for high net worth families. These families often seek different avenues (such as private equity or venture capital) to invest and grow their familial wealth. The family office is focused on finding the right opportunity, a striking idea that they can empower and take … Continue reading Raising funds from a family office

keep going

mid-week inspiration, a poem

What’s been up?

*01.17 pm* usual wednesday afternoon at work.. It has hardly been four days since I moved in to a new place. I have shifted from the small south Bombay hostel room (my first self rented home in Mumbai) to a clean and cozy apartment at one of the most happening areas of Mumbai- Versova. The … Continue reading What’s been up?

The Implications of the Safeguard duty

Current scenario:Safeguard duty is a duty that is payable on import of goods which are already being manufactured in India but cost higher than the import. It is imposed by the Central Government on imported goods so that the Indian manufacturers do not suffer from the low-cost goods that are imported from countries like China … Continue reading The Implications of the Safeguard duty

Hello, October

Quick life update: I'm in love!


*09.05 pm* can you get high on a city? umm..yes! I am trying to find words to describe how amazing the last few weeks have been. I got super drunk with my senior colleagues (the bosses, yes!) on a Monday night! A night where everyone present was literally rolling on the floor laughing for hours … Continue reading Hangover

The case against antidumping duty in Solar

solar panels on the ground

The Indian Government is expected to introduce an Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD) on solar cells and modules. It is a duty imposed on foreign goods that are being dumped in the country at unfairly low prices. The reason behind this bold step is nothing but the surge of solar exports seen in the market as well … Continue reading The case against antidumping duty in Solar

out of the world

Lean, tanned and sweaty, a man I uncomfortably stood beside had been staring at the ladies compartment of the train we were in for a long time. I felt disgusted with his behaviour. I was about to ask him to stop staring when he reached to his mobile and opened a recent chat. As a … Continue reading out of the world

Something on a May-day

*9.49 pm* currently crushing hard on Dua Lipa. It is mid-May (so damn hot) and I am sitting in my room in Mumbai trying to think of ways I should begin my blog. I think I'll just be abrupt. Lately, I have been thinking about how exciting this phase of my life is. I know … Continue reading Something on a May-day

The cat’s big move.

*10.49 pm* cool breeze and a distant sound of a train honking... April began on a great note. It was the first Monday of the month when I had an interview & got an offer to join as a Content Writer at a company in Mumbai. I was obviously thrilled at this as moving to … Continue reading The cat’s big move.


Exposing their hearts,
with letters written on the wall.

March down!

*6.53 pm* Ahh! another Wednesday. One more week has gone by while I laze around my house watching multiple movies a day. My routine for the past few weeks has been quite simple. I have been waking up fashionably late, with Mau (my pet cat) usually lying beside me, or sometimes on my belly, trying … Continue reading March down!

another universe for us

(art work by Rose Wong) I would like to imagine a parallel universe for us.

The Story of Fe-Saponite

Fe-Saponite is a mineral belonging to the Smectite group. This mineral is found dominantly in marine settings on Earth. The Smectite group minerals have also been reported from the surface of Mars. DOES THIS MEAN THERE IS/WAS WATER ON MARS?!!! As shown in this documentation, Fe-Saponite is reported at Bhuleshwar, a Ghat in the Deccan … Continue reading The Story of Fe-Saponite

you are where you want to be

The infamous Kübler-Ross model says that there are five stages of grief. From Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, it could be a long journey. The intensity or the sequence might differ from person to person. But, no matter what stage you're at, the decision is in your hands, or more specifically, on your own … Continue reading you are where you want to be

A letter from my Earth boyfriend

Dear Mangi, It has been so long. I miss you. It is a weird world here. India is just a part of it but it is so huge and full of life that I feel India is itself the Earth. But I met a man with big round spectacles and he told me there are … Continue reading A letter from my Earth boyfriend

crinkles of love

Day 1: Dry and cold November arrived and I was eager to see you. You were warm around my vulnerabilities and it felt like home. Around you, it wasn’t an effort. Things happened naturally and you made promises. Promises I didn’t want to believe but I always did. And then it had to fade because … Continue reading crinkles of love

Fresh February Feels

*8.03 pm* such a cool title, I know. Amidst the fresh February feels and a head full of daydreams, I drove to work with my morning routine songs playing on a loop on the radio. Apart from the ghastly mail from the boss that dropped in everyone’s mailbox a night before and the mid-week foul … Continue reading Fresh February Feels

Evolution, they call it.

Found this interesting write up in the archives of my mail box. It is so apt, I had to share it.

Pench National Park: A Factfile

A travel note from April 2014.

Had a chance to visit the forest once again in December 2016 and it was an equally beautiful experience.

Damn you, 2017!

Damn you, 2017!
You've been a twisted round.

You have yourself & that’s enough! 

We have a notion about love since our childhood. It is not just the society we live in but also the influence movies have had in our lives. We are filled with the idea of being in love. Everyone around us talks about the romance, the fairy tale, the sacrifices and how only love from … Continue reading You have yourself & that’s enough! 

Alter Adapt

It wasn't a very fancy setting. The street lights and the highway where I had been waiting for the bus, was my routine. Two old ladies and a man in khakis were waiting with me at the bus stop. It was the month of June and the heat had been scorched up too much while … Continue reading Alter Adapt

Field Times

A field trip to Kankavli, Maharashtra- Dec 2015


The summer winds were blowing strong and dry, like the deserts. She was parched and the water didn't help. She needed much more to take it all, from the throat, from the heart. She longed to belong. .. It was a new day. Early morning breeze was soothing. The fall made the roads look shady. … Continue reading Binary

Travel, you idiot.

I wrote this short paragraph back in 2012 and it has proved to be my travel motivation since then. Maybe, it can do something for you too. Cheers 🙂 Travel has been by far my most favourite hobby. Travel teaches you in a way no human ever can. Travel isn’t a person, a thing to … Continue reading Travel, you idiot.

The Daabka Hangover

A travel note from SUMMER 2013- My trip to Syaat, Kyaari and the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park