Countless cars were lining outside the Parkhi house. It was an unusual sight but it was also an unusual day for the Parkhis. Tara was standing by the window of her mother's bedroom, looking over at the crowd assembled outside their house. She wondered if her mother even knew half of them. Taking the last … Continue reading Funeral

The importance of a taking a Break

*5.07 pm* Back to work after a long and happy Diwali weekend. Breaks are so damn necessary. I recently came across a video explaining how we tend to over work in order to achieve our goals & forget to pause & breathe. It made me realise that I often beat myself up over not doing … Continue reading The importance of a taking a Break

We are that feeling

how a 'dream-come-true' looks like

First of May

*1.30 pm* It's Labor Day, so most of the working population of the country is on leave (unlike me who's been on leave for a month now). But I start my new job tomorrow, so yay! Last week has been pretty weird for me. I spent most of my time counselling two of my cousin … Continue reading First of May

they’re talking marriage

I am a girl in her mid-twenties, Indian (with all due sanskars) and an only child to a financially sound couple ($$$) which most would consider a luxury- and who am I kidding, it is. I've never had to live in the conditions that my parents have grown up in, nor do I have to … Continue reading they’re talking marriage

a day in the life of…

It was just one of those mornings when you want to sleep in for 5 extra minutes. No matter how many times the alarm goes off, you snooze and pull the blanket over your head. Just 5 more minutes, you tell yourself. But the half-asleep mind doesn't realize when 5 becomes 15 and the schedule … Continue reading a day in the life of…


Exposing their hearts,
with letters written on the wall.

another universe for us

(art work by Rose Wong) I would like to imagine a parallel universe for us.

you are where you want to be

The infamous Kübler-Ross model says that there are five stages of grief. From Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, it could be a long journey. The intensity or the sequence might differ from person to person. But, no matter what stage you're at, the decision is in your hands, or more specifically, on your own … Continue reading you are where you want to be

Evolution, they call it.

Found this interesting write up in the archives of my mail box. It is so apt, I had to share it.


You have called me at 4. So, I get ready by sliding into my favourite pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I decide to keep the hair loose, apply a little kohl in the eye and grab a brown leather bag. It is carrying nothing but it completes the look. I like how … Continue reading Heartbreaks